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Namify is the first, and currently the only business name generator that does the job of not only brainstorming business name ideas, but also vetting the name suggestions. What’s more, Namify also offers a free logo for every registered domain name. When asked why Namify decided to add the trademark availability check to their list of features, this is what Namrata Arya, Product Manager, Namify had to say, “As entrepreneurs grow increasingly conscious about trademark conflicts, they are taking a greater interest in checking for trademark infringement before naming their businesses. We wanted to ensure that when they are building a shortlist of brand names, they don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of manually checking trademark, domain and username availability of every name they like. Through this feature, we can help our users get this crucial step out of the way quickly so they can move on to registering the name faster.”
Further, Ms Arya adds, “The process of coming up with a name for your brand, checking its availability on domains and social media, and ensuring it is available for trademark registration, is otherwise a long process that can take hours if not days. With Namify, we have condensed that entire process such that it takes no more than a few minutes.”
As of today, Namify’s Business Name Generator can help you get name suggestions that are meaningful and useful, check for their availability on new top-level domains like .Store, .Online, .Tech, .Site, .Press, .Fun and more, check if the username is available on the most popular social media platforms and confirm if the name is trademarked in the US and EU.
They also create a free logo for the name you register!
Namify is the only name generator that covers the brand creation process so diligently and comprehensively. Safe to say that a better tool to generate concrete business name ideas does not exist.

About Namify:
Radix, the second-largest domain portfolio registry in the world, recently launched a new name-spinning initiative, Namify. The intuitive and modern name generator tool is powered by Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology to offer meaningful, unique and relevant brand names to small business owners, solopreneurs, and startups. The tool also provides new domain extension options, a free custom logo, a social media username check and a trademark availability check. To know more, visit
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