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LLM contributor Plamena Manolova steps back in time with this murder mystery experience with great food at its heart.
The Murder Express experience has come back with a part deux, in which it revives a 1930s Britain through immersive experiences and a delicious menu deigned by BBC MasterChef Professional finalist Louisa Ellis.
The Murder Express Part Deux offers a different take on your normal dinner and a show night. The interaction with the actors really immerses you in the story and leaves you wondering who really did it. You will find yourself discussing theories, and looking for clues, and perhaps even doubting the person next to you because, as they say, everyone is a suspect.  

The Murder Express experience invites you to travel back in time to 1937 Britain and its Pedley Street Station. The station is situated under one of the Pedley Street arches encapsulating the dark mysterious energy of the immersive dining experience that is ahead of you. Everyone is in full 30s character and you are encouraged do so, too. Many people dress up for the experience and feel fully immersed in it.
At the gate you are handed a one-way ticket in the direction of Von Cleethorpes estate in the town of Murdér, France and that’s where your journey begins. You will be travelling with the 1930’s British elite at the presence of the Jewel of the Empire as the storyline unravels before your eyes.
The cast might be sat on your table, or having a drink next to you, and will interact with you as though you, too, might be a suspect.

The four-course menu is designed by Louisa Ellis and was perfectly fitting for the setting of a dining experience with the 1930s British elite. Louisa is known for her passion for fine dining and her wide experience in Michelin Star restaurants and the menu at the Murder Express certainly mirrors her passion.
Once seated at your designated lavish train carriage, which you will be sharing with other two couples, the train and food journey begin.
At the table, a tasty palate cleanser is already waiting for you, which consists of compressed cherry tomato yuzu topped with crispy capers and coriander. The show continues throughout each course, so you need to pay close attention to what is happening around you because everything might be a clue.
The starter was a delicious grilled leeks with spiced dukkah which is an Egyptian spice blend, consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices. All of this is beautifully presented, served on a bed of vinegar puffed rice, and topped with a black garlic ketchup.
For the main course you can opt for either a meat or vegan option. The vegan dish was, once again, a very well presented selection of broccoli and shiitake mushrooms accompanied by nori lying on a bed of butter potato terrine and covered in miso sauce. The meat option was a stunningly tender slow-cooked beef shin, served with variations of broccoli and a creamy butter potato terrine, all of it coming together by the power of a silky bordelaise sauce.
When you are a food writer, you often forget the meals that you’ve had after you have filled your article but this one, and particularly the main course, is one that will live rent free in my memory for a very long time.
The dessert, just like the rest of the menu, was brilliant combination of everyone’s favourite flavours – chocolate creaumex (which has similar texture to mousse), garnished with raspberry drupelets, honeycomb and crispy mint, all sat on a bed of chocolate soil.
The dessert is served around the time that you learn who the murderer is, so don’t get too distracted by the powerful flavours, and keep your eyes on the prize. Who stole the jewel of the empire? Who out of all the guilty looking characters is the murderer? I guess there’s only one way to find out the answer to this…
All dishes were created so that they can cater for every intolerance that people may have, so whether you require gluten, dairy or nut free dishes, the restaurant has already taken care of it for you.
For more information or bookings visit The Murder Express Part Deux will be available until March 2023.

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