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Who let ‘Salt Bae‘ out? Who, who, who, who, who? The celebrity chef is being censured online for purportedly crashing and then ‘hijacking’ team Argentina’s post-match victory celebrations.
Nusret Gökçe, who is nicknamed ‘Salt Bae’, posted several photographs on Instagram, wherein he was seen flouting some FIFA norms, including touching the golden trophy. Later, he was also seen ‘pestering’ Lionel Messi for a photograph, leading to a rather awkward and embarrassing encounter. So, what really happened?
According to reports and videos shared online, Salt Bae — a Turkish chef, food entertainer and restaurateur, whose claim-to-fame was the rather peculiar meme-worthy gesture of adding salt to food — crashed Argentina’s World Cup celebrations at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium, leading to the displeasure of not only the players, but also of the fans who watched him touch the coveted trophy, which was only handed over to the team prior to that.
In fact, team captain Messi — who scored several winning goals during the nerve-wracking match against France — had been the first one to gently touch and kiss the FIFA World Cup Trophy, said to be one of the most expensive trophies in sporting history.
Salt Bae first posted this reel with Argentina’s Ángel Di María…
A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et)
…then, he posted a series of pictures, one of which featured a standalone photo with the trophy. The album also contained photos with other Argentine players; the chef was even seen biting some of the champions’ medals, which many found to be disrespectful.
A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et)
What was rather awkward was the fact that he held Messi — hailed globally as the ‘G.O.A.T’ — physically grabbing his arm for attention, purportedly to click a picture with, which eventually did happen, for this was shared on Salt Bae’s Instagram with the caption, “You are the man, Messi @leomessi #saltlife #salt.”
A post shared by Nusr_et#Saltbae (@nusr_et)
It led to a lot of social media furore, with netizens calling out the chef for his temerity and disregard. One person wrote, “You shouldn’t touch the cup. You’re not a champion.” Another person commented, “Unfollowing you, you shouldn’t have touched that trophy; only the players and staff who worked their a**es off to become champions have that right. You only want attention.”
Someone else said, “Don’t bite someone’s medal. It’s not yours and your achievement.”
Even Messi knows salt bae is a hack
— Z Bo (@zekedabolina) December 18, 2022
One comment read, “The videos just [came] out of him trying to get [a picture with Messi] and it’s embarrassing; Messi had no interest.”
Check out some of these other reactions:
Fcking absurd. Who let Saltbae out on the pitch? Saw a bunch of photos of him HOLDING the World Cup trophy, and even a picture of him biting on a medal. Atleast Messi knew not to give that guy trying to make THEIR moment about HIM any attention. Desperately grabbing Messi
— André Noruega (@AndreOstgaard) December 18, 2022
He even had the audacity to slap the trophy (pay attention to the sound, is the trophy hollow??)
— André Noruega (@AndreOstgaard) December 19, 2022
I’d love to hear FIFA’s explanation of why this celebrity chef gets access onto the pitch at a World Cup final for selfies with Messi etc
— Martyn Ziegler (@martynziegler) December 18, 2022
Can someone please come and claim their uninvited uncle out of here??
What the actual…..
— Omar Al Raisi (@Dantani) December 20, 2022
What are your thoughts on this? 
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