Spain Dismantles Organization in Madrid That Provided Indian Nationals With Fake US Documents – –

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The Spanish National police, in cooperation with the Tax Agency and the Department of Customs and Border Protection of the United States, has dismantled a criminal group that provided Indian nationals with false documents, in exchange for enormous amounts of money, up to €100,000 per person.
In a press release issued on Friday, October 28, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has revealed that the now-dismantled criminal organisation was operating with two branches, one of which in India and the other in Madrid, Spain, reports.
While the branch in India was responsible for finding “clients”, the latter were later sent to Madrid, where they were accommodated and waited for the delivery of their false documents and their trip to the US.
The migrants had to pay amounts that ranged between €70,000 and €100,000, which allowed them an “all inclusive”, from plane trips to Spain and Mexico to accommodation, food and falsified documentation. Which is estimated to have provided economic benefits of about €10 million for the criminal group,” the Ministry has revealed.
Throughout the operation, the Spanish police, in cooperation with the Deputy Directorate of Customs Surveillance and the Department of Customs and Border Protection of the US, have made searches in five locations, which were the homes of the main leaders of the organisation.
Six people have been arrested during the operation under the suspicion of being involved in a criminal organisation, crimes against the rights of foreign citizens and trafficking in false documents.
In turn, 46 false documents from different countries have been seized, almost €25,000 in cash and $2,500, highly professional tools for the manufacture of documents, a laser printer, three dry stamps and one for entry into the Schengen Area,” reveals the press release issued by the Spanish MIA.
In recent months, the Spanish police have cracked down on several organisations facilitating illegal migration to the EU and other wealthy countries.
At the beginning of October, Spain has dismantled a criminal organisation of Albanian origin that promoted irregular migration to the United Kingdom, many of whom were minors and who were transported by the organisation’s members on ships.
The investigations that began at the end of 2019 revealed that each person was required to pay an amount of €3,000 to €15,000 to be transported to the UK. The group was led by two drivers of Albanian origin, while all the rest of the group members were also of Albanian origin.
Days before that, the National Police had cracked on another organisation that had recruited minors, mainly of North African origin and provided them with false documents to leave the Canary Islands. The same were then also transferred to mainland Spain and other EU countries.


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