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It’s one smart way to help save your business money.
Whether stocking your office kitchen or filling the closet with essential office supplies, you may find a better price on bulk goods by shopping at a warehouse-style store like Sam’s Club. Compared to most chain grocery stores, you could save up to 40% at Sam’s Club, and right now, you can get a one-year Plus membership for 36% off.
A Sam’s Club membership is a long-term investment that may start saving your business money on your first shopping trip. If you need office electronics like printers, computers, and scanners, check out the Sam’s Club electronics section. You may have to outsource for tech support, but you could still save on the tech itself. They have comprehensive offerings in person and online, and you could arrange shipping straight to your brick-and-mortar.
Once you’ve got devices and supplies under control, shift your focus to food and beverage. Workplace celebrations and an endless supply of snacks and drinks can benefit employee morale, but they aren’t cheap. Traditional catering can cost up to $40 per person. Getting your everyday snacks and party supplies at Sam’s Club can help you make the most of your HR budget. Buy your team lunches, paper plates, plasticware, and drinks at Sam’s, then put those savings into improving the business in other ways.
Sam’s Club services are even more varied than their product selection. Get your car’s tires serviced while you shop and take care of personal errands like picking up prescriptions, getting jewelry polished, ordering new glasses, and more.
Because this is a Sam’s Club Plus membership, there are additional benefits beyond the great value. For one, you can get in before the crowds with early shopping hours for Plus members—and we all know time is money. You’ll also get free shipping on qualifying online orders, free curbside pickup, 2% Sam’s Cash back on qualifying purchases, and other Plus-exclusive offers.
No matter what size your business or office is, you’re always going to need things like printer paper and coffee, but you could get them and a lot more for a lot less if you shop at Sam’s Club. Get a one-year Sam’s Club Plus Membership for 36% off, just $70.
Prices subject to change.
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