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Minecraft star YouTuber Technoblade shared that while battling cancer in his right arm doctors presented him the option to completely amputate it. Though, he managed to avoid that. 
Back in August, Technoblade announced that the reason he hadn’t been active on YouTube was due to a cancer diagnosis in his right arm.
Since then, he’s only uploaded a handful of videos but managed to help raise over $300,000 for cancer research during a Minecraft stream. Fellow Minecraft YouTuber and collaborator Dream even donated $20,000 for cancer research as well.
Now, after not uploading for nearly a month, Technoblade has returned with an update on his health.
The YouTuber uploaded a video on December 23 with the title “I Almost Became An Amputee.” In the video, Techno explained that in early October he was under the impression that doctors were going to have to amputate his right arm.
After his doctor performed an embolization on the tumor, things went south and he was told they were going to have to amputate ASAP.
In a follow-up meeting with his doctor, Technoblade said he was given two options: 1) A limb-salvage surgery which would save his arm, or 2) a full arm amputation.
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The doctor explained that both have the same survivability rate, which Techno was confused by. He said about choosing the amputation option: “Why would ANYONE do that?”

He was shocked that after believing he was on “death’s doorstep”, he was given a safe option where he would be able to keep his right arm.
Techno underwent the limb-salvage surgery, which ended up costing him a chunk of his left leg’s quadricep. The surgery led to what he called “the worst week of my life,” where he couldn’t move his right arm or his left leg.
He capped off the video by saying he’s doing well and is happy that his hair is growing back since he’s been off chemotherapy treatments. He also explained that due to his limited use of his right arm that his next video won’t be for a few weeks.


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