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The healthiest diet just got easier.
In 2022, the Mediterranean diet was named as the healthiest diet for the fifth year in a row by U.S. News & World Report thanks to its effects on cardiovascular health, weight loss and management, and increasing lifespan. And besides all that, it also tastes great. But if you are new to this type of cuisine or just cooking in general, you will need a good cook book to guide you. To help with that, we have gathered our favorite Mediterranean cookbooks that are available today. These include recipes ranging from breakfast to dinner, snacks, and even quick meals you can throw together in a jiffy. Check out how we chose them below, and reviews on each of our favorite cookbooks.

To find the best Mediterranean cookbooks among the many options out there, we looked at expert-tested reviews from trusted sources. We then took into account ease, type, time, health, and flavor of recipes. Finally, we consulted reviews written by people who’ve bought these products on sites like Amazon, to settle on the Mediterranean cookbooks you’ll find below.
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This book is a staple for those pursuing a Mediterranean diet. It has 500 recipes which range from sauces like tzatziki, to full meals, and embraces the flavors from all around the Mediterranean sea.
It also has nutrition facts for each meal, so you can track calories if you wish, and each chapter is devoted to the Mediterranean food pyramid, with most centering on veggies and beans.
Whether you are new to cooking, or just new to the Mediterranean diet, this cookbook can help you start cooking healthy and delicious meals. It has 100 recipes as well as meal plans and guidance on how to cook, where to find ingredients, and how to successfully plan—and stick with—the Mediterranean diet.
If you want to try the Mediterranean diet but don’t have a lot of time to cook and clean up after yourself this cookbook is for you.
It has over 100 easy and quick recipes that use only five main ingredients, and generally take under 30 minutes to make. It also provides ingredient guides to help you stock up on staple foods.
For an even more hands off option, try this instant pot cookbook. While all of these are warm dishes, don’t expect them to just be soup.
This has meat dishes, pilafs, pastas, porridges and more—all of which are both healthy, and Mediterranean-based. They are also easy to make, and because they are in an instant pot, they cook quickly and efficiently.
You may not have a few hours to cook a meal, but we will bet you can spare 30 minutes—and trust us, these recipes will be worth it. They are both healthy and flavorful, and appear to take much more effort than they actually do.
These quick recipes also have options for every meal including snacks, so you will never go hungry.
While the Mediterranean diet is not usually vegan, it can be—and this cookbook gives 120 recipes to choose from. It focuses on flavors and dishes mainly from Cyprus and Greece, and ranges from full meals, to snacks, to dessert.
As a plus, the food photography is so gorgeous you will want to leave it out on display.


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