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Finish off your holiday shopping with these cheap extra items.
At this stage, you’ve probably done the bulk of your holiday gift buying but if you find yourself in need of a few final stocking stuffers, we’ve got you covered.
If you’re struggling with ideas, we’ve rounded up a bunch of useful and affordable tchotchkes you might never have thought to buy so you can get something neat for yourself or someone else for the holidays. Note that shipping estimates may vary by locale.
Convert your car headrest into a convenient storage solution with these universal hooks. Each can hold 13 pounds so you can hang up coats, kids toys, umbrellas or even bags of groceries.
This wildly popular offer for a Microsoft Office lifetime license is still available for $40. It’s available for both Mac and Windows, so be sure to grab the right one for the computer that you use regularly.
This reusable goo gets in all the cracks and crevices of those hard-to-clean places, like computer keyboards and car consoles making it a greta buy for pretty much anybody.
We all have a bunch of tech to keep powered up these days so more charging cables is never a bad idea. Not only is this Spigen cable braided for better durability, it’s also universal with Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB connectors so it will work for pretty much everyone. Better yet, it’s down to just $13 for Prime members in black (with other colorways even cheaper). 
Sealing up open food bags helps to keep the contents fresh, but you don’t want to spend a ton on disposable, resealable bags to use every time you eat half a bag of chips. These convenient clips in various sizes make it easy to quickly reseal something for eating later. 
Have you ever reached in your pocket while up a ladder only to drop the screw you needed because it slipped out of your hand? If not, you’re lucky, and if so, you need this accessory. It holds drill bits, screws, tools and more using its strong magnets, and it’s adjustable to fit wrists of all sizes.
Beyond simple to use, this hair shampoo brush is a great gift for everyone. Use it to massage shampoo into your hair and enjoy a head massage and scalp clean at the same time. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to use on a variety of hair types.
If you don’t have an Amazon smart home set up, chances are you know somebody that does. Getting them an additional Alexa smart speaker is never going to be a bad idea and this diminutive Echo device is only $15 for the holidays.
Read our Amazon Echo Dot (third-generation) review.
This adjustable gooseneck tablet holder is useful at a desk, in the kitchen or in the bedroom — basically anywhere that you might want to have your screen in view while being able to easily adjust the angle. It fits tablets and phones from 4.7 inches to 10.5 inches in size.
With these Velcro labels, there will be no more wondering which cable goes to which device! Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you’ll easily be able to identify your various cords and wires.
This neat gadget does double duty as a portable fan and power bank, saving space in your purse or backpack. The two-speed fan can run for up to 16 hours and the 1800mAh battery capacity can also be used to give your phone a little extra juice in a pinch. 
For frequent travellers, packing all of the necessary plug adapters can be a real pain but you can replace those with this universal adapter. It compatible with outlets in the UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and more and it’s down to $15 if you have a Prime subscription.
With all the packages arriving at this time of year, a box cutter is an essential. This mini cutter has a retractable ceramic blade that is great for cutting card, tape, food packaging and more.
While the general public has embraced Bluetooth headphones, airlines are certainly lagging behind meaning you’ll need wired earbuds for the in-flight entertainment. But not with AirFly — it plugs into the seatback headphone jack and allows you to pair your wireless earbuds with ease. 
I have one of these things packed and ready to go with all the cables and plugs I need so that whenever I go away I don’t need to worry about fumbling around for chargers. A highly recommended buy for anyone with a bunch of travel tech to keep charged. 
Once you assemble this QR code puzzle you can scan it to see how much you’ve won (prizes up to $1 million). Odds are you’re going to win $1, but not knowing until it’s done and you scan it is half the fun.
Apple’s AirTag item tracker is the perfect pickup for the Apple user that already has everything. It can be attached up to keys, thrown in a backpack or mounted to a bike with the right accessory and helps to keep tabs on where stuff is. 
This compact multitool combines a bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and mini pry bar into one keychain-sized doodad that you can take anywhere. Useful on camping trips or for emergencies, it’s a solid and cheap gift idea. 
In this hyperconnected world, you can never have enough smart plugs. Get one for each kitchen appliance and you can set up your own automated breakfast routine, just like how you always envisioned the future would be.
Slinging around a Nerf football is undeniably fun for all ages, and this Vortex model is currently only $11, making it a great stocking stuffer for any kid. Who knows, maybe it will help unearth the next Tom Brady in the family. 
If your phone’s charging cable falls behind your nightstand every time you unplug it or if you just want to tidy up your desk, these adhesive cable clips are a great shout. The 16-pack includes clips for one, two, three and five cables. 
It slices, it dices… Just about the only thing this versatile veggie-prepping kitchen gadget won’t do is dam the tears that spring to your eyes when it gets to work on the onions, though it will reduce the time it takes to chop one up.
Gone are the days of fumbling around with AA batteries to get your flashlight to work when an emergency strikes. This rechargeable LED flashlight offers 2,000 lumens of brightness and can be powered back up by Micro-USB between uses.
Believe it or not, this 1-inch cube device works as a charger, stand, USB and more. There’s even a built-in LED flashlight. It’s down to just $40 right now. 
Take this little phone stand with you on the go so you can always prop your phone up at the right height, angle and orientation for any task. It comes in a bunch of nice colors, too. 
A classic toy available at a bargain price right is the original Slinky. Down to under $4, this retro toy is a great stocking stuffer and it’s also a part of a buy two, save 50% on one promotion if you need more gift ideas.
Sick of stains on your countertops or losing your spoon in the saucepan? This neat device holds your spoon for you in between stirs and can also be used to prop open a lid to release steam. A few funky designs are available from the same brand.
It’s full-on sweater season, and if you want to keep those sweaters looking spiffy, you’ll want to pick up this amazing little shaver. It has three settings, so you can adjust it depending on the fabric type. It’s addictive too: Once you start shaving off those bits of fuzz and lint, it’s hard to stop.
Right now, new members can get 50% off their first year of Sam’s Club membership. With this, you’ll pay $25 for access to Sam’s Club warehouse locations, discounted gas and all of its other great benefits.
Amazon’s Fire TV sticks are some of the most straightforward smart TV devices to use and allow easy access to a plethora of streaming content. The 4K model is just a couple of bucks more than its all-time low price making now a great time to pick one up. 
Struggling to put your shoes on is a problem that can be solved very inexpensively, so why waste time? This travel-size shoehorn only costs a few bucks but will save you the stress and hassle of squeezing your feet into a tight spot.
Right now at StackSocial, you can snag a $50 gift card for 86% off the usual price. has partnerships with over 62,000 restaurants nationwide including popular favorites like IHOP, Subway and House of Blues, so you can always find something tasty and, since it’s a digital credit, there’s no wait on shipping.
Unscrew any bolt — even worn or damaged ones — with this adjustable socket wrench adapter instead of digging around in your toolbox for the right part. A drill adapter is also included. 
If you know a chicken nugget fiend or just need a gag gift for someone, you can’t go wrong with this keychain — just don’t try to take a bite of it.


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