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The battle against cancer is a long and arduous journey and takes a toll on not only the patients but also their loved ones. After undergoing numerous rounds of chemotherapy, people want to celebrate and tick some items off their bucket list. In a heartfelt gesture, a man promised his fiancée that he would take her to the Turkish city of Cappadocia to see the balloons after she finished chemotherapy.
Hannah and Charlie, a travel-blogging couple, shared a video on Instagram that documented their journey of overcoming cancer to travel to one of their dream destinations. They had to cancel the trip four times due to Covid and then cancer.
“I promised my fiancé that after she finished chemotherapy, I would take her to Cappadocia to see the balloons,” says a text insert on the video. The clip shows Hannah visiting the doctor’s office on numerous occasions as she undergoes chemotherapy. After she finishes her chemotherapy sessions, her fiancé Charlie takes her on a flight to Turkey. They looked at the hot air balloons in the city of Cappadocia.
“Overwhelming beauty. After 4 cancelled trips due to covid and cancer, we are finally here ticking off another place on our bucket list! What a place,” says the caption of the video.
Watch the video below:
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The video was posted two days ago and it has received more than 2.65 lakh views so far.
“This is so beautiful,” commented an Instagram user. “Welcome to Türkiye,” wrote another. “I did this after treatment too!!! So happy for u,” said a third.
Cappadocia is a semi-arid region in central Turkey that is known for providing hot air ballooning opportunities as well as “fairy chimneys” and tall cone-shaped rock formations.
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