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TikTok has launched its third annual ‘What’s Next’ report for 2023 to help marketers understand how consumer needs will change over the coming year.
The report focuses on unpacking long-term TikTok-first cultural forces, as well as the underlying signals that show how each of these come to life.
the top tiktok trends for 2023
It should help marketers define their strategies in 2023 and achieve success on the TikTok platform.
TikTok’s Global Head of Business Marketing, Sofia Hernandez, explained: “2022 was the year people realized they didn’t have to live their lives as they always have done – with different points of view and ideas transcending cultures on TikTok.
“Next year we’re going to see more of this – as our communities get more confident and inspire positive change together.
“Against the backdrop of the increasing cost of living and its associated challenges, our What’s Next report indicates people will be seeking new ways to achieve success, happiness and wellbeing – and TikTok will be a tool to help them find it.”

The report’s findings have been consolidated into what TikTok describe as three forces, which demonstrate the influence TikTok has on our culture.
These forces are ‘Actionable Entertainment’, ‘Making Space for Joy’, and ‘Community-Built Ideals’.
The ‘Actionable Entertainment’ force represents advertising messaging that is delivered like an ad, but enjoyed like entertainment.
TikTok believes brands can see incredible business results with this kind of actionable entertainment such as in-feed advertisements that feel fun, engaging, and native to the TikTok community.
The ‘Making Space for Joy’ force represents the creation and sharing of self-care content to battle against public health issues, burnout at work and personal hardships.
This includes people sharing wellbeing life hacks and every day strategies that empower them to make space for themselves whenever they need.

The ‘Community-Built Ideals’ represents the sharing of hyper-niche interests that help people bond with each other and broaden each other’s horizons.
TikTok describe this force as a collection of tiny clubs where people can find new ideas on how to explore their passions and live their lives.

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