Tips for getting your website listed on yahoo

Deal with Yahoo as both a search and a directory site engine.

Yahoo offers a number of different search results pages. Part of their search results page originated from a real search engine, and some of their results come from human editors, called surfers. Every Yahoo directory submission is viewed by a person.

(Online search engines use spiders and indexing software applications).
Admission into the Yahoo directory is completely at the discretion of the Yahoo surfer viewing your website. That’s why the totally free submission preparation can typically be 8-10 weeks, without utilizing the Express Submit service.
Unlike search engine submissions that accept multiple pages from the same website, Yahoo web surfers choose to view your web page, and they will navigate your site from there.

With directory sites, the website owner selects the most suitable directory site categories for his/her website and composes descriptions that concisely and properly describe the content of the website. Factors that affect directory positioning are choosing the right classification and composing an excellent description. Constantly separate between the Yahoo search engine and the Yahoo directory whenever you speak to an online search engine marketer.

The methods for getting noted in search engines are various from the methods for getting noted in directory sites. Submit the Forms on Yahoo Precisely as Requested We understand this seems obvious, but some sites don’t get listed due to the fact that the submitters do not follow instructions when filling out the forms. Give just one telephone number consisting of the area code when Yahoo asks for a telephone number. When Yahoo requests a 25-words-or-less description, do not attempt any elegant word stacking or keyword tricks. Stay with a concise, precise description of your website’s content. Yahoo surfers typically change your site description after it’s listed in their directory.

Although some fields are optional, attempt to fill out all of the fields in the kind, particularly the fields asking your company telephone, address, and name and fax numbers.
Yahoo wishes to know that you have a genuine service that will be around in years to come. Select the Classifications (just 3) That You Wished to be noted under Extremely Thoroughly To select your classifications, key in your chosen keywords in a Yahoo inquiry, and study the results. Your site does not belong where you think your target audience is searching. Your site’s real content should properly reflect the classification or classifications you want to be noted under.

You will probably be listed under the very same classifications your rivals are noted under. Study your competitors’ directory listing.

See what their descriptions are, and after that modify your site’s description to reveal to the Yahoo internet user that you absolutely belong in the categories you selected. If you are a U.S. business, under the category Regional/United States/ in Yahoo, all 50 states are noted. You need to include your site in one of the regional classifications, if relevant.
Don’t be amazed that most of your traffic from Yahoo is regional. Many consumers need to hear your voice or see your face to feel safe and secure about hiring you or your business for a project. Category listings are also at the discretion of a Yahoo internet user. You require to invest the time selecting your categories and studying your rivals so that you do not get listed under an “undesirable” classification. Have Distinct Material and Point This Details Out in Your Submission A site is of no value to the Yahoo directory if the site consists of the specific very same details as other sites in the same classifications. So to add value to the Yahoo Directory, and to call attention to the special elements of your online company, ensure you have distinct material on your site. You can explain any unique content to the Yahoo web surfer by means of your 25-word description or the additional remarks field in the submission type.

Get a Virtual Domain Name Yahoo tends to recognize virtual domains ( over others. Why is this? Yahoo wants to have legitimate organizations and businesses in its directory site. They do not desire a small start-up company that will not be around next year, thus resulting in a dead link to a URL in the directory site. A virtual domain shows that you are serious about your business. Attempt to Get Noted in One of Yahoo’s Regional Directories At the bottom of Yahoo’s web page are some of Yahoo’s regional directory sites. If you remain in one of the local areas, you can often get your site listed much faster in the regional directory than in Yahoo’s primary directory site.

Business websites need to pay an annual charge of $299 (presently) to be noted in the Yahoo directory. Sometimes, a Yahoo web surfer might discover a content-rich industrial website without you ever sending it. ” Design for Speed” (Quotation from a Yahoo Web Surfer). Yahoo is trying to find sites that download extremely quickly, preferably within 30 seconds on a dial-up modem. Of course, exceptions do use; such as if you are an online video game business and utilize Shockwave on your site. It is reasonable that your website may take longer to download.

If Yahoo editors don’t feel your website looks or sounds like a genuine organization, they do not have to note your site.

Above all, have unique material to include value to the Yahoo directory. Treat Yahoo as both a directory site AND a search engine. Admission into the Yahoo directory is totally at the discretion of the Yahoo surfer viewing your website. Yahoo web surfers typically change your site description after it’s listed in their directory site. See what their descriptions are, and then customize your website’s description to show the Yahoo internet user that you certainly belong in the classifications you picked. If Yahoo editors do not feel your website looks or sounds like a genuine business, they don’t have to note your site.

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