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Minecraft star Clay “Dream” is one of the most iconic personalities within the gaming and streaming community. Since joining YouTube in 2014, he has amassed over 31.2 million subscribers on his primary channel.
In 2022, the Minecraft content creator made plenty of headlines, with one of the most popular moments involving him removing the signature Dream mask and finally revealing his face. However, this year was not all positive for Dream, as some community members accused the YouTuber of grooming.
In this article, we’ll look at Dream’s 2022 and explore some of his most viral and controversial moments.
Dream’s highly anticipated face reveal saga began on September 23, 2022, when the content creator used the phrase “the mask is coming off” for the first time:
On October 3, 2022, Clay uploaded a five-minute video (“hi, I’m Dream.”), where he finally dropped his “faceless” persona and revealed his face to the internet:
The 23-year-old YouTuber spoke about the decision to reveal his face, saying that he wanted to meet content creators and “say hi” to his friends in person:
Dream attended TwitchCon 2022 in San Diego just a few days after his face reveal and finally met with several prominent streamers, including Felix “xQc,” Ludwig, Valkyrae, and others.
In one of the most controversial moments of the year, Clay found himself in a peculiar position when a Twitter burner account by the name @burner39413705 shared a thread that accused the content creator of grooming:
The archived thread featured Twitter user Anastasia (@oxeclean) sharing her experience with the internet personality and revealing a few screenshots of their private conversations.
In one of the tweets, Anastasia claimed that Clay connected with her when she was only 17 years old:
The Twitter user also alleged that Dream’s former partner “cheated” on him with minors:
On October 16, 2022, Dream responded to the allegations via a TwitLonger post titled, ‘I’m sorry for the late post and reply.” He believed that Anastasia’s direct messages were real, but called out and slammed the grooming allegations.
An excerpt from his address read:
Dream went on to say that the grooming allegations were not only “disgusting,” but also “insulting to victims:”
The address concluded with him inferring that he might consider taking legal action following the serious accusations:
On September 15, 2022, Twitter user Jawsh (@Its_Jawsh) shared a member-exclusive item from Dream’s merch store.
The item was a USB Drive with “special Dream content,” such as his baby pictures, chapters from the streamer’s old books, childhood emails, old gaming screenshots, and memes from Clay’s camera roll:
The slap bracelet-cum-4 GB USB Drive quickly received heavy backlash from the community. Some of the most relevant fan reactions from the viral conversation thread were along these lines:
Besides the controversies, Dream met with Minecraft legend Alex “Technoblade’s” father during a livestream on October 20, 2022. The two remembered and shared memories of the late content creator.
The hour-long broadcast was also a fundraising event, with all proceeds benefiting the Sarcoma Foundation and cancer research.
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