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Many people are afflicted by digestion issues, which can cause mood disorders and other health problems like weight loss and gain. It is important to establish a routine when it comes to your food and health, so as to boost your overall well-being. And, if you are wondering where to begin, Bhakti Kapoor, a nutritionist, comes with solutions.
The expert took to Instagram to share an important post on a healthy morning routine, explaining in the caption that the way you spend your morning will “have an impact on the rest of your day”.
“If you begin your day feeling rushed, stressed, or overwhelmed, this is likely to continue throughout the day,” she wrote. According to her, how you spend your morning “not only affects the rest of your day, but it can also affect your health in a variety of ways, with gut health being at the top of the list”.
Kapoor warned “stress and feeling overwhelmed” aren’t great for digestion, adding that the best time to prepare for “optimal digestion” is in the morning. According to her, your morning routine should comprise a few dos and don’ts if you are looking to improve digestion.
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1. Don’t check your phone first thing in the morning.
A lot of people are in the habit of looking at their phone first thing, but it apparently is not a healthy start to your day — imagine getting stressed by a flurry of work mails as soon as you open your eyes!
2. Hydrate (additional bonus: lemon water with a pinch of sea salt)
It can make you feel fresh, since the body is without water for a considerable amount of time. It is a healthy start to the day and may even boost your mood.
3. Meditate, do deep-breathing, or write your journal
According to the expert, it is not necessary to meditate, deep-breathe, and/or journal. You can choose any one activity. “Even 5 minutes of one of these is incredible,” she said.
4. Light movement
You can take a walk after that, stretch or do yoga. “It doesn’t have to be insane. It doesn’t have to be very long — just enough to get your body moving.”
5. Get out in the nature and get some sun
It is vital, especially in winters when people tend to follow a sedentary lifestyle.
6. Consume a well-balanced breakfast
Your routine should finally end with eating a wholesome breakfast “free of distractions”, that is, being mindful about what you eat.
The nutritionist concluded by saying, “You are not required to complete all of the tasks listed. Take one or two to begin with… Find a routine that works for you and your lifestyle.”
What do you think of these tips?
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