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Many people, who are starting with their fitness journey, find it hard to do squats or bending at the hips and holding the movement. Since it is an effective lower body exercise, it forms an important part of any bodyweight training and hence, cannot be skipped.
What are squats?
The compound movement of a squat involves lowering the hips from a standing position and then standing back up.
So, what can you do if you find it difficult to do squats properly?
The trick lies in gradually progressing with squats by doing modifications, said ultra trail runner Purva Narang.
“If you’re not ready to drop it like it’s hot just yet, start with these modifications. Progress at your own pace while working through them,” she said in a post on Instagram.
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According to her, here are some modifications that can be easily tried.
*Sit and stand using the support of a chair
*Sit-stand-touch on a chair’s edge
*Chair backrest squats by holding the chair’s backrest
Why to do squats?
Explaining that squats are one of her favourite exercises, Narang said, “It’s a complete lower body move. It strengthens pretty much every muscle in your legs, and helps with core strength and stability.”
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