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Nothing can send shivers down your spine faster than the thought of a retrograde! However, not every retrograde is bound to be a negative experience. In fact, it can sometimes pave the way for beautiful revelations that change the way you see yourself. When Uranus retrograde 2022 begins on August 24—at 9:54 a.m. ET, to be exact—it will launch a period of personal reflection and internal growth. And it might even inspire you to make some major life changes. After all, everything can change in one moment, and since it rains diamonds on Uranus, who knows what gems you’re about to stumble upon in the wake of this powerful shift?
In astrology, Uranus is the planet of rebellion and innovation. Although its influence tends to bring instability and unpredictability, it also paves the way for sudden changes that revolutionize the world. Although it’s normal to feel terrified of change, Uranus understands that sometimes, you need to rip off the band air and embrace something different!
However, while Uranus is retrograde, its influence becomes more tempered and inverted. Instead of evoking change on an external level, Uranus begins to transform your world internally. Instead of changing the world around you, Uranus encourages *you* to be the one doing the changing. Until January 22, 2023, this five-month-long retrograde will inspire you to deepen your sense of independence and strengthen your resolve in your own unique self.
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Because this retrograde begins takes place in Taurus, a luxurious earth sign known for its association with money, you can can expect this retrograde to shine a light on your finances, your investments and your sense of security. And because Taurus is ruled by Venus—planet of love —you can also expect it to bring you epiphanies regarding your relationships, your friendships and support system.
In the end, Uranus stations retrograde so that it can show you how to be the person you want to be (as long as it’s on your own terms and at your own pace). Here is how Uranus retrograde will affect you, based on your sun sign and/or rising sign:
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Your finances might be in flux (and this upcoming Uranus retrograde will make you realize why). Taking place in your second house of money, this retrograde is encouraging you to rethink your relationship with your material possessions. Before you commit to a financial plan, budget, or go on a shopping spree, try to understand what it is you’re trying to gain from this purchase. You don’t need fancy items to define you. Let your spirit and heart speak to the person you are on the inside.
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Step out of your way and open your mind to new philosophies! After all, Uranus is stationing retrograde in Taurus, forcing you to rethink your identity and your unique sense of self. Are you living on someone else’s terms? It’s time to take back the reigns over your life. Holding onto the past will be a disservice to you, as you’re moving forward with plans and evolving at rampant speed. Allow yourself to transform. This will give you the opportunity to see life from a different perspective.
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In the recent past, you haven’t wanted to make any changes in your life because you fear the unknown. However, you might be feeling more open-minded than ever, which is encouraging you to take the necessary steps towards growth that are needed at the moment. Now, you can do so without hesitation because you’re not scared. When Uranus stations retrograde in your 12th house of spirituality and inner knowing, it may cause repressed memories to come out swinging. Take your time processing what you’re beginning to understand.
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Your friendship circle is evolving and growing. Be open to aligning with people with whom you would never have previously considered friends, because Uranus is stationing retrograde in your 11th house of community. You have more in common with certain people than you think, because you might find that your understanding of a group dynamic is evolving. Plus, people are starting to surprise you! This is all the more reason to lean into and embrace the friendships that transcend your previous mindset.
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All the momentum you’ve been experiencing in your career trajectory is beginning to slow down now that Uranus is stationing retrograde. This may be causing you to feel majorly frustrated, especially if you’ve been feeling dependent on a certain level of success in order to feel satisfied with yourself. You’re learning that you don’t have to move so fast in your career. Professional growth takes time. Let it happen and unfold naturally and try not to rush the process. Slow down, Leo.
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This is a great time to re-examine your value system and redefine your self-worth by expanding your mind. As Uranus stations retrograde in your ninth house of wisdom, philosophy and travel, you may be on the verge of a great adventure. However, this adventure is less about exploring the great beyond and more about exploring the great within. You may find that taking a class or going back to school will do your mind some good, as it’ll introduce you to many like-minded people who share your intellectual ideals and pursuits.
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Unexpected money from a random acquaintance could put you in a better financial place, so wait for some breaking news surrounding your finances! As Uranus stations retrograde in your eighth house of wills and investments, you may find that you’re finally getting the pay day you’ve been waiting for. Let yourself revel in the extra funding and opt to save it for the future instead of spending impulsively on items that you may not want or like in the upcoming weeks ahead. Be practical, Libra.
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As you’re probably well aware, your intimate partnerships may feel extremely erratic and intense as of late. Although Scorpios can definitely stand the heat in the kitchen, Uranus retrograde will help you cool things down. Even though the drama isn’t likely to stop anytime soon, it will slow down as you are able to see what wasn’t working in your dynamic. Save your judgments, especially before you rush into an argument when there doesn’t need to be a struggle. You’ll be more chill as a result, I promise.
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Your day-to-day life is more overwhelming than usual, Sagittarius! Because Uranus is stationing retrograde in your sixth house of to-do lists, it’s reinventing the way you get work done. It’s time to test out new methods that allow you to manage your time more meaningfully. Instead of running from meeting to meeting without a moment to decompress, try to maintain a schedule in order to have peace of mind and create a better routine for yourself. Doing so will benefit you more by bringing steadiness to life.
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Let all the fun and quirky sides of your personality come out to play, because Uranus is stationing retrograde in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure. You may find that being more impulsive brings you unexpected and wonderful surprises that will rock your world for the better. However, you need to be willing to take some risks, Capricorn. You know you’ve been craving some chaos lately, even if you prefer to keep your composure for the majority of the time.
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The tectonic plates of your life are quaking beneath your feet, encouraging you to reestablish your footing and rethink the strength of your foundation. As Uranus stations retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, it may encourage you to change some of the personal views and ideologies that you grew up with. Although your family may disagree with your newly found views, they’ll support you on your journey. You could even teach them a few things about their own personal beliefs right now. 
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You may have an uncontrollable desire to speak your mind, allowing you to be heard by those you care about. As Uranus stations retrograde in your third house of communication, it could sharpen your clarity to a high degree, encouraging you to finally come out and get something off your chest. It’s time to speak firmly and truly about what you think and believe, even if it alienates you from people who don’t understand it. However, before you know it, you’ll be connecting with people who have shared your opinions all along.
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