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The bride and groom’s playful cake smash is a key part of any wedding—assuming, of course, it doesn’t go too far. The idea is to show gentility and a bit of humor—after all, cakes can be incredibly messy! Restraint is required. One groom from the UK clearly didn’t get the memo, and is facing online ire after smashing a giant piece of cake into his bride’s face, ruining her hair, makeup, and wedding dress in the process. “I am absolutely shocked at this,” one online commenter said. Here’s what the viral video shows.
The video starts with the groom cutting a piece of wedding cake while his wife stands and waits. As he approaches her with the cake, she clearly changes her mind about the cake smash and attempts to escape, but to no avail. As she runs into the corner, the groom chases her with the cake. Keep reading to learn more and see the video.
The groom managed to corner the bride (quite literally) and then came the controversial cake smash. Instead of gently giving her the cake, he shoved it onto her face, and ended up getting cake all over her face, hair, and wedding dress. He then walks off and leaves her standing there reeling.
The bride posted video of the incident on TikTok (although she turned the comments off). “It’s official we’re mr and mrs price❤️🥰 he got me back for doing it to him good and propa🙈🤣 love my… husband all the world🤣🥰❤️,” she captioned the video. We can assume she turned the comments off because not everyone found the video funny.
Although the bride had comments turned off, one TikToker responded via her own video. “I am absolutely shocked at this – where have all the men went?” she wrote. “I would divorce that straight away. Poor woman this is unforgivable how can she marry that??????????? Such a shame on her special day.”
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Other commenters agreed with the TikToker, with one saying “I would have left.” “I would’ve cried,” another added. “I think my dad or any family member of mine would’ve intervened,” said another. “She’s trying to laugh off the embarrassment – she will be doing that for a while,” a third said. “Yikes. The fact he walked away after and didn’t help her clean her dress,” another said. 
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