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Just towards the end of Milan Fashion Week, when some of the world’s most colorful characters make their biannual pilgrimage to the country where fun and flamboyance reign on the runways, Italy’s general election has revealed a dark contrast to the fashion scene’s more liberal leanings.
According to election results, the nation is about to usher in its most right-wing government since fascist dictator Benito Mussolini’s regime during World War II. That’s definitely not good news.
At the forefront of Italy’s far-right, populist, and national-conservative Brothers of Italy party is, ironically enough, a woman: party co-founder Giorgia Meloni, who is poised to become the country’s first female prime minister. Considering her homophobic, patriarchal, xenophobic, and racist views, her historic appointment is hardly any sort of win for feminism.
Meloni and her party have been likened to neo-fascists, boasting beyond bigoted values. Anti-immigration, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion – you name it, these jerks are promoting it.
The past few years, it seems, have been a golden age of tourism for the country. But with its government devolving into right-wing extremism, Italy may fast become an undesirable – and even dangerous – place to vacation. Sure, Positano will still be pretty, but with a governing party that ugly, who wants to be there?
Here’s hoping Italians can turn the tide by the time their next election rolls around. We mean, we managed to kick Trump out of office so not all hope is lost…
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