What to do if you want to invest in global markets? Tarun Birani explains – Economic Times

We are in a classic ‘no direction’ market; can’t go fully bullish or bearish: Amit Khurana
We expect de-globalisation or re-industrialisation happening going forward: Nilesh Doshi
No extra catalyst at the moment to push market higher: Andrew Holland
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The new surge in Covid cases in China is making Indian companies, from electronics and apparel manufacturers to gold and diamond exporters, worried about another bout of supply chain disruptions as well as exports to the Chinese market getting hurt.
Potential IDBI Bank bidders have asked the government for tax benefits from the accumulated ₹45,000 crore losses to accrue to the acquiring entity in case the lender is merged with another bank.
Torrent Investments is the highest bidder for Anil Ambani-owned Reliance Capital, having offered ₹8,640 crore for the debt-laden financier at an auction held on Wednesday.
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