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Hong Kong, Hong Kong – AUGUST 02: McDonald’s Big Mac is seen in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on August 02, 2018. McDonald’s is giving away free big macs for the burger’s 50th birthday. McDonald’s sold 1.3 billion Big Macs last year, according to the chain. (Photo by Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images)
Are you planning to end (or start) Friday with a coffee or burger from your favorite fast food restaurant? After all, that’s what Fridays are for — it’s a reward for making it through the week. But today is not your regular Friday, it’s Veterans Day. Will the federal holiday change hours of operation at some places? Which fast food restaurants are open on Veterans Day 2022?
In the United States, Veterans Day is observed annually on November 11. It is a day we honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. You can expect many (if not all) fast food restaurants to offer deals and specials to honor veterans. But does this mean that all fast food restaurants are open today? Here’s what we know!
Here’s a quick list of all the fast food restaurants that are open today (please note that locations may vary):
As you can see, just about every major fast food chain (and restaurant) is open today, and following regular hours of operation, too. So even though Veterans Day is a day we observe, it’s not one of the days businesses close or shift their hours. Now, keep in mind, every place has different rules, but, for the most part, don’t expect any changes.
On the contrary, fast food restaurants (and even most convince stores) are welcoming guests with deals. Buffalo Wild Wings, for example, is offering past and present armed service members a free order of 10 boneless wings and fries.
Another awesome deal is the Build Your Own Grand Slam from Denny’s. Want even more deals? We covered several here at Guilty Eats. On this day, take advantage of the deals and treat a veteran to a meal!
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