Winters Ki Methi: Healthy Breakfast Is Ready – Slurrp

By Jasmine Kaur
The smell of fresh fenugreek aka methi leaves fills up the house every winter. Make use of the healthy leafy treats with these yum breakfast recipes. 
The spongy steamed squares of besan are a favourite from Gujarati cuisine. Amp up the flavour and nutrition with some methi leaves and enjoy. 
Leftover methi ki sabzi at home? All you need to do is add it to paratha dough and mix it well with chopped onions and spices. This makes a healthy breakfast paratha. 
Soft, round chapatis made with wheat flour and besan, these heavenly bites another one from the Gujarati fare. Mix with methi and yoghurt and dig in. 
A great way to use leftover idlis is by crushing them and adding methi leaves to it. Spruce up with spices and mustard seeds and serve hot for breakfast. 
The rice flour batter for this South Indian breakfast staple is flavoured with winter-special methi leaves. The essence of these leaves gives a bitter-sweet kick to the dosa. 
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