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Heading to the coast or out on the water? Here’s a quick grab bag of handy things from top eco-friendly Kiwi brands, to pack for your summer adventures.
Nisa garments are top quality, comfortable and beautiful and their togs are up there with the best sustainable swimwear brands. Nisa swimsuits are made from Econyl, a sustainable regenerated nylon fibre, made from old fishing nets and other post-consumer waste.
Founded in Wellington by Elisha Watson in 2017, the mission is to provide employment opportunities to people (especially women) from refugee and migrant backgrounds. Nearly half of our refugees identify a good job as one of the most important factors for feeling a part of New Zealand life, and Nisa’s already provided work experience for more than 30 such women.
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If you love nutritious savoury snacks and want to eat more plant-based foods, try the protein-packed offerings from Off-Piste Provisions. They’re a plant-based meat Kiwi company, with a range of smart snacks to help you live life to the full while treading lighter. Flavours include Jerky Teriyaki with hints of caramel, teppanyaki grill and ginger. Mmmm!
Unfortunately, using an expired sunscreen can leave you vulnerable to sunburn, so you’ll probably want to grab a new bottle, if your old sunblock has seen better days.
Goodbye Sustainable Sunscreen Starter Kit is a certified natural, water-free, high-performance sunscreen in a refillable system, using high grade 15g and 70g aluminium containers. They’re ideally sized for popping into a pocket, handbag or beach bag. Refilling them from a larger aluminium container helps reduces plastic waste.
Goodbye’s anhydrous formulation has a light skin feel thanks to its oil, butter and beeswax base.
We might not be fishing this summer, but we can still enjoy being out in our precious harbours and bays. Washing down the boat or kayak? New Zealand-owned Ecostore has natural cleaning products that are easy on the environment, and that’s even more important when we’re out on the water. Our fragile coastal waters need all the loving they can get right now.
Ecostore’s Boat Wash is formulated to remove salt and grime from surfaces but is gentle on sensitive skin, and the plant and mineral-based formulation biodegrades in marine environments, making it less damaging for our oceans.
If you’re looking for the dream eco house, fresh ideas for clever living, or you’re just happy daydreaming about that perfect tiny house, check out: Small Holiday Houses : Designer Hideaways Across New Zealand, by Catherine Foster.
This new book has twenty fabulous New Zealand holiday houses tucked away in spectacular surroundings. It’s recommended by the Auckland team at Unity Books, and published by Penguin. Style, sustainability and practical details such as plans, design notes and fact file, add to this inspirational read.
Karma Drinks is aiming to make the world’s most ethical soft drink and recently won the top gong at the Sustainable Network Awards. Made of organic and fair trade ingredients, money from the sale of each drink goes back to the Karma Foundation, funding life-changing initiatives for Sierra Leone farming communities growing Karma’s cola nuts.
Our summer favourite is Gingerella Ginger Ale, with its clean, crisp and fiery kick comes from a unique blend of Fairtrade organic ginger, lemons, sugar and spice.
Zay bags are a beautiful, strong and practical, making them a sustainable choice for shopping or as a hardy beach bag. Bags are woven by traditional weavers from Myanmar, and paid a fair and sustainable income, allowing women to support their families and provide for their children. They’re recommended by Ensemble founder, Stuff style editor Zoe Walker Ahwa.
Zay bags are made from naturally renewable, Myanmar-grown rattan, or pallet tape, including some that is upcycled. Zay says the company goal is to use only upcycled tape and rattan in the future. Bags can be sent to Zay for recycling if ever needed.
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