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Prepare to take cover! This will be your worst month of the year, according to an astrologer.
Every year has its ups and downs, and the stars’ journey through the sky doesn’t always bring cosmic blessings. No matter your horoscope, there’s a certain time of year when bad luck seems to follow you. But just because luck isn’t always on your side, doesn’t mean everything will be doom and gloom. That’s why we asked NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust to share each zodiac sign’s unluckiest month of 2023. Read on to learn when things will be most ominous for you, so you can prepare to hibernate, up your self-care regimen, or hold your breath!
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This year is full of ups and downs for you, Aries. Your personal and professional life is extremely complicated in 2023, but there’s also big potential for personal healing.
While the first half of the year is promising financial abundance and changes to your career, there’s also the chance for unexpected hurdles to arise during October. So, prepare for some news that could temporarily derail your plans.
“A lunar eclipse will happen during this time that will affect Aries, so stay away from any big changes that month,” warns Stardust. “This year marks the first set of eclipses in Aries and Libra over the next 18 months, so expect the unexpected!”
This year will finally have you feeling back on track in your professional life, but it won’t come without a few bumps in the road. There’s a lot of hope and potential on the horizon as the eclipses in your signs bring closure to some issues that have been plaguing you.
However, three out of the four Mercury retrogrades this year will be in earth signs, including one for most of April in your own sign. So, expect communication to feel extra tense as you adjust to your new lifestyle.
“You’ll want to stick to established routines and avoid any risks during this transition,” suggests Stardust.
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Things are moving at lightning speed for you this year, Gemini. Between your busy social life and your rapidly changing inner circle, it might be hard for you to catch your breath. While you normally thrive in chaos, it’s important not to ignore your needs and boundaries.
In fact, there’s a good chance that burnout will catch up with you in November when a Full Moon in your sign finally brings all those repressed feelings to the surface.
“The full moon in Gemini will force this sociable sign to confront whatever issues they’ve been avoiding in their personal life,” says Stardust. “Full moons stir up big emotions, so it’s likely you won’t feel up to the usual holiday festivities during this time either.”
There’s a lot of opportunity for you this year, Cancer. It’s hard to say that you’ll have any truly bad months, as you’re one of the luckiest signs of 2023. The first half of the year is a great time to make changes to your lifestyle and possibly even grow closer to a special someone. And the summer months will bring about amazing opportunities for financial success and professional acclaim, especially during the month of August.
However, the end of the year will get emotional as you reflect back on all you’ve accomplished, which may have you retreating back into your shell until 2024.
“If there’s one thing to keep an eye out for, the full moon in Cancer near the end of the year might get a touch emotional (in a good way)!” says Stardust.
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There’s a lot to look forward to this year, Leo. Your relationships have been heating up, and there’s a chance you’re looking to make things serious with a special someone.
But there are two major periods that will test the strength and compassion in your relationships. The first and most explosive comes in February, with the second dramatic moment happening in the summer. Get ready for soap opera-level theatrics that are sure to get you fired up.
“[February] might get a touch fiery for Leo as Venus in Aries causes some old prideful feelings to bubble to the surface,” says Stardust. “Not to mention, a full moon in Leo may open the floodgates for an ex-partner to sneak back into your life just a few days after Valentine’s Day.” Can you say drama?
2022 was a hectic year for you, Virgo, and thankfully this year looks to be a lot calmer. The early winter months of 2023 are a great time to organize your plans for the new year.
And you might want to get a start on this sooner rather than later because there are three Mercury retrogrades in earth signs that are bound to get you all twisted up. The most stressful one will be in August when Mercury retrograde in your sign brings everything screeching to a halt.
“Without a doubt, the toughest month of the year for everyone, but especially Virgo, is the month of August,” Stardust shares. “Virgo’s planetary ruler Mercury will retrograde in their sign during the end of the summer, sending all of their careful plans into a tailspin.”
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This year is going to put your stress to the test, Libra. Balance is one of the most important things for you, and 2023 promises to flip things on its head. You can expect a relatively calm and fortuitous start to the year, especially around your career and finances.
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However, there’s a big chance that you might bite off more than you can chew and find yourself crashing and burning by the time summer rolls to an end. If you’re not careful, the full moon in Aries in September will finally force you to face things head-on.
“During this lunation, it’ll be difficult to strike a balance between independence or expectations, leaving Libras feeling restricted,” explains Stardust. “It will be hard for them to find a stable routine that makes them feel content.”
This year is a big one for you, Scorpio, so prepare yourself for a lot of twists and turns. The eclipses that have been sending you into a tizzy for the last two years will end this year, finally taking off the pressure.
Of course, you’ll have to survive them first! And while the entirety of 2023 will throw its fair share of curveballs your way, the month of May is looking like it might be the most chaotic of them all.
“A planetary retrograde in Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto will have you running for cover, not to mention that the lunar eclipse in your sign on May 5 will bring some major emotions and potential drama to the surface for this otherwise private sign,” says Stardust.
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There’s a lot of personal growth and triumph in store for you this year, Sagittarius. But first, you need to face reality. Most days, you’re a relatively carefree and optimistic person, but lately, you’ve been carrying around a lot of extra baggage.
While the end of the year looks brighter for you, things are bound to come to a head during the heat of summer.
“The unluckiest time for Sagittarius would be during the month of July, as the Venus retrograde in Leo will hinder you in your romantic endeavors,” explains Stardust. “Finances might also get tight, so you should avoid overspending and prioritize saving instead.”
You’ve got a lot on your plate this year, Capricorn. And if you were looking to get a head start on crossing things off your to-do list, you might want to rethink your plans.
Unfortunately, 2023 starts off with the continued Mars retrograde that will bring heavy vibes to your birthday season and stall your motivation. Plus, the Mercury retrograde in your zodiac sign will have you feeling foggy and tongue-tied until February rolls around.
“Take things slow and avoid big decisions during this month if possible,” advises Stardust. “Luckily, things will pick up when Mercury goes direct in the middle of the month, clearing the way for Capricorn to move forward.”
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Ready for some mixed signals, Aquarius? The start of 2023 will be smooth sailing as the stars align in your favor right around your birthday. You can expect some dreamy and romantic vibes ahead of Valentine’s Day, leaving you feeling more open-hearted and vulnerable.
But these good vibes are likely to fizzle out as the summer heat rolls in. Yes, Saturn may have left your sign back in March 2023, but its retrograde in the month of June will still cause some unexpected problems to pop up.
“The full moon in Sagittarius combined with planetary ruler Saturn going retrograde means your feelings will be foggier and less clear cut during this time,” notes Stardust.
2023 is one of the most challenging yet promising years for Pisces in a long time. And the month of March will mark the start of something truly transformational.
When Saturn—the planet of structure, karma, discipline, and maturity—enters your sign, there’s an opportunity for personal reflection and growth. This cycle lasts for three years, but Pisces will likely find the first month of this planetary shift the most difficult.
“March will be both the luckiest and unluckiest month of the year for Pisces, thanks to a major shift from Saturn beginning its journey in their sign,” says Stardust. “This transition will be tough at first, but once Saturn’s energy settles in, 2023 actually looks to be a very promising and auspicious year for Pisces.”
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